Project Description

Crayon Shinchan

ⓒUSUI YOSHITO 1992-2016

Aired in Korea
Air on SBS in 1999

Korea : Tooniverse, Champ, Anione, Anibox
Overseas : TV Asahi

Running Time x No. of Episode
30min x over 800eps

2D TV Animation series

Production Company
TV Asahi, SHIN-EI Animation, ADK


Shin-Chan originally appeared as a series in magazine for young adults. It enjoyed instant popularity when it was aired on television. Shin-Chan has been extremely popular, not only among children, who have a lot in common with him, but also with adults. One of the features of the cartoon’s popularity is its visuals. The way in which Shin-Chan presents an innocent yet satiric look at the adult world is equally appealing. Adults watch enthusiastically as Shin-Chan gets away with the kind of pranks only children are allowed to pull. Shin-Chan can be instantly appreciated by all.


Shin-Chan is a 5-year-old kindergarten boy. He lives in the suburbs with his father who is a carefree office worker, his mother, and the family dog. Shin-Chan is a mischievous boy who likes pretty girls and does as he pleases. For Shin-Chan’s mother and father, he is quite a handful. Mischievous in class too, he always makes his teachers angry.


<Crayon Shinchan>’s licensing business targets preschoolers or school children up to adults. Mainly focusing on the food category, the local and foreign character market is also led by the vast business development of digital items, toys, miscellaneous goods, publications and more.