Project Description


ⓒ1970-2016 Fujiko Pro

Aired in Korea
Be on air since 2006

Korea : Champ, Anione, Anibox
Overseas : TV Asahi

Running Time x No. of Episode
30min x over 1,000eps

2D TV animation series

Production Company
TV Asahi, SHIN-EI Animation, ADK


DORAEMON started serial publication in Shogaku-kan Gakunen Betsu Gakusyu-shi from 1970, with an animated series beginning in 1979. The first animated movie made a sensational debut in Japan in 1980. From there on, DORAEMON movies have been released almost annually, and been shown in 15 countries all over the world, mainly in Asian countries.


Nobita, an elementary school student, has no athletic ability, scores 0 on his tests in classes, is lazy and loves to take naps. One day, he’s suddenly visited by the cat-type robot “Doraemon” from the 22nd century. Nobita’s greatgreat-grandson Sewashi sent Doraemon to change Nobits’s future, and subsequently better Sewashi’s life in the 22nd century. Doraemon can produce various special items to help Nobita, and all of them affect Nobita’s life dramatically, but…


<Doraemon> is popular among all age groups, from pre-school children to adults. Aside from its movie screenings, Doraemon has been leading both local and foreign character markets with plush toys, publishing, stationeries, F&B, apparel, and personal care products.