Project Description

Dragon Ball Super


Aired in Korea
Year 2016 ~

Korea : Anione, Anibox, Champ
Overseas : Fuji TV

Running Time x No. of Episode
30min x 52eps (expected)

2D TV animation series

Production Company


<Dragon Ball Super> is a new series of <Dragon Ball>, one of the best written and known Japanese animation in the era. The story continues with new adventures after Son Goku saves the earth by defeating Majin Buu . For those who still remember <Dragon Ball>, this new <Dragon Ball Super> will open up a new chapter with the resurrection of Frieza and a battle in universe. With the new release of <Dragon Ball Super> in Korea, there are many promotions and products to remind the viewers of <Dragon Ball>.


After the defeat of Majin Buu and regaining the peace, Son goku was occupied with farming and his wife Chichi’s constant nagging. Then Mister Satan pays a large sum of money as a courtesy for saving the earth, which frees Son goku and allows him to go to King Kai’s planet for training. At that time, Beerus the destroyer makes his presence at King Kai’s planet, looking for the ‘Super Saiyan God’.