Project Description


Aired in Korea
Season 1(2012), Season 2(2014)



Running Time x No. of Episode
15min x 116eps

Full 3D TV animation series

Production Company
Daewon Media / Kodansha, EBS


The 2012 Full 3D TV animation GON is a product based on Masashi Tanaka’s infamous man-ga series, GON.


There exists an animal world in the pure nature where the presence of humans is unheard of. One day, an animal of unknown origin and species, ‘GON’ suddenly appears. He has a very unique appearance that resembles a dinosaur and a small physique. Nevertheless, he possesses enormous power and no other wild animal can match GON’s speed and strength. The animals call him “GON,” because he only speaks and answers with the word “GON.” In this world of Mother Nature, ‘eat, play and sleep’, that is all GON does in his daily life. GON’s strong grip and tail power will blow your imagination and he is much faster than any other wild animals. GON has strong jaw, feet, even fierce and bold character which cannot be stopped! GON only focuses on eating, playing and sleeping following his natural instincts but sometimes GON impresses his friends by strategically helping them out of trouble as their guardian.


GON’s licensing business targets children that have just entered, or will be entering school (around 5 years of age). The local and foreign character market is led by the vast business development of products such as musicals, plush toys, publishing, stationery, fancy goods, everyday items, food, apparel, personal care products and more.