Project Description


ⓒ2008 Daewon Media Co., Ltd. and Noonbory Productions Inc.
ⓒDaewon Media / EBS

Aired in Korea
Season 1(2009), Season 2(2011)

Korea : EBS, Champ, Anione, Anibox
Overseas : CBS(U.S), Oznoz Ent

Running Time x No. of Episode
15min x 78eps

Full 3D TV animation series

Production Company
Daewon Media, EBS, Daewon ,


Noonbory is an animation co-produced by Korea and Canada, which was simultaneously
aired on TV in Korea and the United States (channel CBS).


In the earthly paradise of Tubatuba, where the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall) coexist, the Bory fairies live in harmony and happiness. In their peaceful land there are villains who never fail to create trouble each season. To counterattack these villains there are seven Bory heroes, each
possessing its own super powers, who are led by Noonbory. Noonbory, with his super intuitive powers, leads the group of seven to protect the harmony of Tubatuba by fighting the villains. Utilizing their super powers, and imagination, they work as a team to overcome all obstacles and hardships.
With the team of seven protecting the fairy world, no villain can ruin the peace and happiness of Tubatuba.


Noonbory’s target audience is children 2-5 years of age. In 2009 at the ‘Korean Content’s Award’, Noonbory Season 1 won the President’s Award for ‘Best Animation’. Also in 2011, Noonbory Season 2 reported a high television rating of 4-5%. ‘Tubatuba’, the fairy world can stimulate children’s imagination. Licensing & Merchandising business in various categories is available with eco-friendly and cute characters.