Project Description


ⓒ1970-2016 Fujiko Pro

Aired in Korea
Be on air since 2006

Korea : Champ, Anione, Anibox
Overseas : TV Asahi

Running Time x No. of Episode
30min x over 1,000eps

2D TV animation series

Production Company
TV Asahi, SHIN-EI Animation, ADK


PABOO & MOJIES is an educational animation series that teaches the English alphabet and vocabulary words through animal characters representing letters of the English alphabet.


Long ago, there is a 3-year-old panda named Paboo who was born from Wordbook lives in Alphabet Town and is always curious. One day, he discovers and comes to possess a magical picture word book. Each story is based around key English words. Whenever Paboo is in trouble on a mission, the book fairy ‘Pappy’ helps Paboo solve problems by giving him hints. Paboo then can accomplish the mission with his brilliant ideas. However, this is easier said than done since Paboo has to face his envious siblings, Peter and Peggy, who are always out to steal Paboo’s wordbook. Each day is a new journey with full of exciting adventures for Paboo!


The target audience for PABOO & MOJIES is children aged 3 to 6 years. PABOO &MOJIES aims to help them learn English through play. Various products related to “Transform Alphabet” (main item of the English Education Play Contents) have been launched both locally and abroad.