Project Description

Heart Beat Precure

ⓒToei Animation. All Rights Reserved

Aired in Korea
Year 2016 ~

Korea : Anione, Anibox, Champ
Overseas : TV Asahi

Running Time x No. of Episode
30min x 49eps

2D TV animation series

Production Company


<PRECURE> is animation series for young girls and it started its broadcasting in 2004 on SBS. It is the oldest animation series for girls and the only girls’ animation series running over 10 years. <HEART BEAT PRECURE>, which started out this year, is the 10th series! The main theme of the 10th series is keeping the love that exists in the world including love among family members, friendship, empathy and etc. The main toy for the series is [LABIZ], which is created in the motif of trump card. It can be worn as fashion accessory and are collectible items, receiving good response in the market and famous among young girls.


Mana, who is in 2nd year of junior high school and the class president, is a sweet girl with perfect grades and loved by everyone around her. Even out on a field trip, she is busy looking after her classmates. Suddenly, a giant monster appears and the whole area is stirred. Mina tries to persuade this selfish monster…


<PRECURE> holds various licensing business in the market targeting young girls between ages 4 to 8. Toys, prints, mobile video clips, digitalized items are part of the various products, and they lead the market share. <HEART BEAT PRECURE> has high potential for growth leaving the great impression.