Project Description

Shimajiro A World of WOW!

ⓒBenesse Corporation 2012-2016. All rights reserved.

Aired in Korea
Sep 2016

Korea : Tooniverse
Overseas : TV Tokyo

Running Time x No. of Episode
80min x 150eps (expected)

2D TV animation series

Production Company
TV setouchi, Benesse Corporation


<Shimajiro> is the main character of ‘i-Challenge’ (brand which specializes in preschool education in Korea). It was first created by Benesse Corporation, a Japanese representative education and culture group, in collaboration with educationalists. Since Shimajiro was born in 1994, he has been widely loved by many children in Japan and Korea, as well as in China and Taiwan for over 20 years. Shimajiro is one of the most preferred characters by parents as a dearest friend of children who encourages them and helps their development.


Shimajiro who is always bright, outgoing and upbeat also has a strong sense of justice. Whenever his friends are in trouble, he helps them out. And, Shimajiro loves donuts, strawberries and playing soccer more than anything. Shimajiro is curious about everything and he enjoys adventures by exploring the beautiful and peaceful ‘Challenge’ island with his friends Mimi-Lynne, Flappie and Nyakki. As the story unfolds, Shimajiro learns lessons and grows up through various encounters and events