Project Description

Tenkai Knights

ⓒ2014 SPIN MASTER LTD. / Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Aired in Korea
Since 2014

Korea : Champ, Anione, Anibox, JEI TV, DAEKYO TV, Animax
Overseas : Cartoon Network(USA), TV Tokyo(Japan)

Running Time x No. of Episode
25min x 51original eps + 1recap eps

2D + CG Combination TV Animation

Production Company
SpinMaster, ShoPro


The series, <Tenkai Knights>, is a huge success in many countries including the United States and Japan. The main product of <Tenkai Knights> is the toy bricks which is a huge project by Spin Master, a Canadian global toy and entertainment company. It is completely in synced with the anime series and can be turned into a new concept brick. Moreover, it can be perfectly compatible and combined with other bricks. These construction bricks are educational since they trigger brain development and creativity in children, making it popular among parents.


Guren and his new friend Ceylan from the new school that he transferred to visited an antique shop and discovered a block. Mr. White, the owner of the shop gave the block as a gift to them and they took it home. That very night, they dreamed of being robots fighting off evil robots. And they visited the antique shop again, they were transported to Quarton and they transformed into legendary warriors. The two met Chooki and Toxsa, who also have a block in their possession. The four unite to find and gather Tenkai Dragon Cube in order to defeat the evil Warlard Vilius.