Project Description


ⓒ2013 NHN Studio629

Aired in Korea
Since 2015

Broadcast Channel
Korea : SBS, Anione

Running Time x No. of Episode
15min x 13eps

2D TV animation series

Production Company
Daewon Media, NHN Studio629


Wooparoo is the animated series based on ‘Wooparoo Mountain’ and ‘Wooparoo Saga’, the hit mobile games created by NHN Studio629. Animation based on cute Wooparoo characters as well as various kinds of items such as trading card game, character toys and more have been developed.


Once upon a time, there was a war between the ancient hero Wooparoos and the evil Wooparoos. After a long war, the ancient hero Wooparoos sealed the evil bosses and even themselves in a closed space and Wooparoo Land finally regained peace. After a long time, the will of evil ‘Cain’ who had been sealed wakes up and Wooparoo Land again falls into chaos. To counterattack Cain, hero Wooparoo “Jacquard” tries to find the Ultimate Summon Book to re-seal the evil, Cain. During the war between the good Wooparoos and the evil Wooparoos who follow Cain, Jacquard, Fori and Roopa start their adventurous journey to find the Ultimate Summon Book.