•  ‘100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo’ is already popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
  •  License business is also successful by the collaboration with distribution companies.


Daewon Media Co., Ltd. announced on the 25th that it will exhibit 100 models of Doraemon character in the plaza of Yongsan I’PARK Mall from August 28th to October 4th.


‘100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo’ is already popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. 100 models of Doraemon characters with 100 secret gadgets and other various Doraemon’s secret gadgets will be shown.


This is a free exhibition where people can take photos with the models of Doraemon characters, and also touch the exhibitions. Accordingly, not only the children but also adults will enjoy this exhibition.


A lot of online and offline events are also prepared. People can get presents through Facebook events (https://www.facebook.com/doraemon.event.kr) and Lucky-Board events. Also, ‘Doraemon Dream Cake’ made by 999 Doraemon dolls will be exhibited in I’PARK Mall to celebrate the mall’s 9th anniversary.


Daewon Media said, “This exhibition was prepared to respond to the love of Doraemon fans in Korea. This will be a great chance to make memories with Doraemon. Doraemon was loved because of its image of good friend, and we hope that this Expo gives chances to introduce Doraemon to the general public.”


Daewon Media is in charge of the license business of Doraemon in Korea, and Daewon Media has entered into contracts with 160 companies, and also launched 1,200 products.


Kidults with a purchasing power buy various character goods, so that distribution companies have launched goods with characters, and Doraemon is one of them. ABLE C&C lauched cosmetic package products with Doraemon, and Binggrae is selling their famous ice-cream covered with a picture of Doraemon. Café Droptop will sell Doraemong menus in 12 stores during the event period, and all stores of Droptop will sell character products of Doraemon.


Consumer’s ages in character market is expanding, so that Daewon Media will actively expand its character licensing businesses in various ways such as exhibitions, animations and so on.


Doraemon is created by Hujico F in 1970, and the book of Doraemon had been sold 170 million until 2010. The TV animation was made in 1979, and more than 1,000 episodes were made. Theatrical animation was firstly made in 1980, and the 35th animation which was released this year topped in the Japanese box office for 4 weeks.