‘History of 44 years … a living witness of animation business’


[2016 Animation ∙ Character Award] <Grand Prize> Daewon Media


Daewon Media Co., Ltd. which was started as One Production in 1974, entered into the exportation contract and technical cooperation with Toei Company in 1977, and has exported more that 80 OEM animations annually including ‘Galaxy Express 999’, ‘Candy’ and so on. In 1986, Daewon Media exported up to 2 million dollars, and thus received a commendation from the president. Since 1987, Daewon Media started to make Korean creative animations such as ‘Teodoli Kkachi’, ‘Run Ho-dol-I’, ‘Run Hany’ and so on, and paved the way for the development of Korean animation business.


After establishing a publishing company ‘Daewon Publishing Company’ in 1992, Daewon Media received a gold prize by making a theatrical animation, ‘Red Hawk’. Daewon established Haksan Publishing Company and took the lead in the supply of books. In 1988, ‘Hero Vectorman’ which is the first movie using special effects in Korea was issued. Furthermore, Daewon Media is performing licensing businesses and broadcasting ‘Cravon Shin Chan’, ‘Doraemon’, and ‘One Piece’ in Korea, and actively performing its business in Korea and abroad.


In 2001, Daewon Media was listed on the KOSDAQ and started to actively expand its business. Daewon Media produced a global project ‘CUBIX’, and performed world-wide license businesses, and also participated in a platform business by establishing ‘Daewon Broadcasting’. In 2007, Daewon Media established ‘Daewon Game’ and stared distribution businesses of Nintendo DS.


In 2009, Daewon Media started to produce a creative animation again, and ‘Noonbory’ received a president prize from Korea Contents Award, and also invited Kodansha to invest for a joint production of ‘GON’. Especially, ‘GON’ which was issued in Japan as a book was recreated as an animation by Daewon Media, and thus ‘GON’ is now the representative creative animation of Daewon Media. ‘GON’ was firstly broadcasted on Japan Tokyo TV and EBS from 2012 to 2014. ‘GON’ was broadcasted on CCTV children channel in China, so that the business in China has been activated. Recently, Daewon Media established ‘Beihing Jiaheng Culture Industry Development Co., Ltd’ which is a joint venture company in China for the license business of ‘GON’.

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