‘2016 Animation ∙ Character Award’ which was opened during ‘Character Licensing Fair 2016’ was ended successfully.


The Animation ∙ Character Award hosted by Moneytoday and sponsored by Korea Creative Content Agency, was held firstly this year at Samsung Coex on July 13, 2016. A lot of relevant industry officials including Jong-Myeon Park, the representative of Moneytoday, Sung-gak Song, the representative of Korea Creative Content Agency, Young-Du Kim, the representative of Korea Animation Producers Association were participated in this Award.


Korean animations and characters were evaluated based on the creativity, topicality, profitability and so on and awarded in 8 fields through this Award. Daewon Media was awarded the grand prize. Daewon Media has performed an important role in the animation history of Korea, and has distributed a lot of animations including ‘Run Hany’, ‘My Name is Dokotack’, ‘Young-Shim’ and so on. Now, Daewon Media is actively distributing ‘GON’ in Korea and China. DAEWON established a joint venture in China, and actively started a licensing business of GON.


Iconix was awarded the first prize. Iconix opened a new ground in animation field in Korea by making Pororo which is very famous among children. Also, ‘Tayo Bus’ was issued because the characters were wrapped around the real buses. Iconix was well appreciated since it actively participated in various animation producing businesses and licensing businesses, and improved the pride of animation field in Korea.


Furthermore, ‘Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure’ by Ocon received a feature-length animation award, ‘Mini Force : New Heroes Rise’ by SamG Animation received a family animation award, ‘Robocar Poli’ by Roi Visual received an animation for infants and toddlers award, Tooniverse received a broadcast platform award, and ‘Pripara’ by Dongwoo animation received a special award, respectively.


Jong-Ik Kim who is a professor of Gangdong University and the chairman of the awarding committee said “I was impressed by the works which show the effort and passion of Korean business companies during the evaluation”. He also said that he would like to praise and support all business companies working for the development of Korean animation field.

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