• Game developer of Kingnet Entertainment suggested developing Wataru game.
  • Daewon Media and Kingnet are planning to develop various businesses related to Wataru and create profit in Korea and China.


Daewon Media Co., Ltd. announced that Daewon Media and Kingnet Entertainment which is the biggest game development company in China will develop a mobile game based on an original animation named ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’. This game will firstly be serviced in China, and then will also be serviced in Korea. Previous mobile games developed in China were newly created or copied the original story. However, ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’ will be broadcasted so that a great synergy effect is expected.


‘Mashin Hero Wataru’ was created by Sunrise Japan in 1988. A boy named Wataru creates a super robot out of clay in a school, and this super robot appears in Wataru’s dream. Wataru and this robot go to a new rainbow mountain and defeat a devil together. The first episode is about 30 minutes, and the total number of episodes is 142. This animation is very famous in Japan, and it is one of representative animations in Japan. In Korea, this animation was broadcasted as ‘Dragon Fighter’. Daewon Media holds a license right in China and Korea.


Daewon Media said that ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’ is a representative animation in Japan, but no business has done with this animation, so that various businesses including a mobile game are being planned.


Kingnet Entertainment strongly wished to develop a mobile game business of ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’. Kingnet Entertainment was established in 2008, and major businesses are a mobile platform management business and a product development business. There are about 1,000 people in the development and management team of Kingnet Entertainment, and Kingnet Entertainment has a lot of network platform products. Representative games of this company are ‘Choksan’s life story’ which has ten million users, and ‘Jeon Min Gi Jeok’ which made a great hit in a global game market. Especially, ‘Jeon Min Gi Jeok’ is famous as ‘Mu’, an online game developed by Korean game development company named Webzen.


A person concerned in this business said that a game developer of Kingnet Entertainment suggested developing a game of ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’, and Daewon Media participated in this business as a license holder of ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’. A world-wide game company is jointly participated based on a best original story, so that a high quality game is expected.


Daewon Media will develop various commercialization businesses using videos of ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’. In the past, license businesses including toys were developed when this animation was aired in Korea, but the license businesses were not successful because the license market was not active at that time. At this time, Daewon Media will improve the quality of the products and do commercialization business one more time with ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’.


Also, various business related to ‘Mashin Hero Wataru’ will be developed in China and Korea, so that a huge profit will be created.