• The first ever One-Piece café authorized by author
  • Expected to generate a synergy effect with Official Ghibli MD shop in Hong-dae area
  • Looking into café franchise business nationwide


The ‘café de One-Piece’ which is a One-Piece themed character café has just been opened in Hong-dae known as Street of Youth in Korea. One-Piece, a Japanese Comic Manga and Animation series, has a large number of admirers in Korea. Daewon Media who opens the One-Piece themed cafe will be activating its licensing business based on popular characters they hold.

Specialized in character licensing business, Daewon Media has held a variety of events on the eve of the opening, Dec. 14th such as signing event of Luffy’s voice actor Sue-jin Kang and a costume play of main characters. On this day, several persons concerned in Japan from Toei Animation, which is production company of One-Piece Animation and Shueisha (集英社), which is publishing company of One-Piece comic book in Japan, attend opening event.

One-Piece is a Japanese Manga which has been popular in both Japan and abroad. As a master licensee of One-Piece over Korean market, Daewon Media has been carrying on licensing businesses for a long time. Café de One-Piece, which has gained official approval from author at the very first in the nation, is a three-story construction. Compared to other One-Piece themed buildings in several countries of Asia such as Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, Café de One-Piece has more realistic format and fabulous interior decoration.

The outside of Café is the Thousand Sunny, which is the second ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. It makes visitors feel like that they are sailing to sea on a pirate ship. There are a small café and a MD shop inside, where visitors can purchase simple food and beverage and enjoy in the place decorated with figurines and accessories of One-Piece characters inside.

Daewon Media will jump into a café franchise business of One-Piece and get down to its license business nationwide. Daewon Media has built up its experience of licensing business by running offline MD shop of Ghibli Studio, which is DOTORISUP (Meaning ‘Acorn Forest’) in Yong-san, Jam-sil and Hong-dae. This is a Daewon Media’s strategy to create revenue through licensing killer contents such as Ghibli works and One-piece.

Mr. Cho, who is a Director of Brand and Licensing business department in Daewon media, said that “Thanks to rapidly increased Kidult industry, One Piece has been one of our major contents together with another popular Character Doraemon in Korea. Further One-Piece is being published serially right now and its fan base is growing. We will continue to expand its product line-up and try to make One-Piece Café as Pivot of One-Piece. Added “ We have been doing several promotion events along with releasing Animated Film, 『One-piece Film Gold』 and we are under discussion of strategic marketing plans to connect with One-Piece Game launching next year. [E-daily, Myong-Cheol Lee]