‘Daewon Media’, A business that
brings imagination to life

The human imagination is what brings creativity to
mankind. Even in this fast paced world, DaewonMedia has not forgotten the emotions that live and breathe within every human being.
Daewon Media will always be behind all your dreams and help turn them into reality.

Making History in Korean Animation

Daewon Media, standing on the basis of producing animation and operating its related fields, is a cultural content company representing Korea. Along with Korea’s first animated TV series, , <Run, Hanyi>, in 1987, Daewon Media has also produced SFX animations, <Earth’s Warrior, Vectorman>, and 3D animations, and . Daewon Media will continue to maintain its reputation as one of the best animation production company.

The Cultural Icon of Movies and Exhibitions

Daewon Media has self-produced animation movies that have been exported internationally, and at the same time imported famous animations from abroad and distributed them in Korea. Currently, Daewon Media is working on full length movies of popular TV animations such as <Doraemon>, <Crayon Shin Chan>, <Power Rangers> and others. In particular, Daewon Media has contributed in creating a new cultural exchange forum in the Korean movie market by introducing Japanese animations such as <The Spiriting Away of Sen and Chihiro>, <Ponyo on the Cliff> and <My Neighbor Totoro> directed by Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli. Also, preparations are being made for a place where we can communicate and share ideas with consumers through various exhibitions and performances such as <Studio Ghibli’s Layout> and <One Piece Special Exhibition>.

Trend Leader of Toys, Cards, and Games

<Yu-Gi-Oh!>’s official card game based on the popular animation series <Yu-Gi-Oh!’> achieved a great success globally. Also, popular characters like , , and various IPs were applied to produce online and mobile games along with game software for Nintendo 3DS and DS games. Through these games, Daewon Media is taking a step forward to lead online/offline users around the world into an enjoyable culture of interaction.

Establishing a New Paradigm in
Brand Licensing Business

Daewon Media’s presence is evident in all areas where characters are featured ranging from apparels, toys, F&B, stationeries, everyday items, digital products, miscellaneous goods and so on. From self-created characters to world-famous characters, the character licensing business which enriches our daily lives begins with Daewon Media.