Be the first to meet the animations
in Korea on Channel ‘Only 1’,
together with ‘Daewon Broadcast’.

Bringing the best local and international animations to viewers via mass media, Daewon Broadcast is the top animation PP. Through cable TV, satellite broadcasting, IPTV, DMB, and VOD service we promise to deliver animations to the viewers; Daewon Broadcast is responsible for bringing happiness and joy to our audience.

The No. 1 Animation Channel ANIONE

Established in 2002, ANIONE broadcasts the largest number of animation programs, mainly intended for elementary to teenagers. Through satellite and IPTV, ANIONE not only delivers popular TV animation series and movies for children but also airs programs for all ages, including , , ,, and .

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Established in 2006, ANIBOX has the ultimate goal to provide a channel for all ages to enjoy. ANIBOX is specifically dedicated to high quality TV animation series and movies for youths and ‘kidults’. The channel is delivered through various platforms including cable, Satellite, IPTV and DMB. ANIBOX was the first animation channel to air HD programs in 2010, and in 2011, the channel initiated live-broadcasting of the game league, attracting game lovers nationwide.

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