Daewon CI Co., Ltd. is leading the beautiful world opened through the comics

We are striving to create a 'beautiful world' where anyone regardless of age and gender can happily live with comics that contain endless imagination. As a comprehensive entertainment company focusing on comics, Daewon CI Co., Ltd. will continue to make its best effort to realize higher and greater dreams.


Transforming Daewon CI Co., Ltd.into a smart content company

Daewon CI Co., Ltd. is leading the domestic comic industry through the production of highly competitive comic content and the cultivation of authors as the largest comic publishing company in Korea. The company is playing a leading role to turn comics into the source of content industry to be developed as the future industry by entering to digital content business to actively respond to the rapidly changing content industry environment.
Daewon CI Co., Ltd. is responding to new media by developing applications such as smartphones, tablet PCs, etc., and n-screen content and is introducing new marketing by utilizing social networks. In addition, it is securing new content by developing customized digital content and regularizing character publications and general practical books, taking a leap towards becoming a smart content company through change and innovation.

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Be the first to watch amusing animations in Korea with Daewon Broadcasting TV channels.

Daewon Broadcasting is the top program provider for TV animation series and offers fine local and overseas animations to viewers via various mass media.
Daewon Broadcasting delivers animations to the viewers through cable TV, satellite broadcasting, IPTV, and VOD service. Daewon Broadcasting guarantees enjoyment of the viewers when they want to watch animation.

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    The #1 animation channel, AniOne

    Established in 2002, AniOne is the #1 animation channel which broadcasts the greatest number of animations via satellite TV and IPTV in Korea.
    AniOne delivers fun and entertaining animations from programs for infants such as ‘Paboo & Mojies' and 'Noonbory and the Super 7' to popular programs for children such as 'Gon', 'Doraemong' and 'Power Ranger' and other programs that can be enjoyed by the whole family such as 'Everyday Mother' and 'Sailor Moon'.

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    ANIBOX is a channel for theatrical animations, OVA, and E-Sports of high standard.
    ANIBOX delivers animations through various platforms (e.g. cable TV, satellite TV, and IPTV) and has started airing High-Def programs for the first time among all Korean animation channels in 2010.
    In order to rapidly provide adolescents with their favorite action animations, popular animation series such as 'Kim Jeonil, a boy detective', 'Fairy Tale', and 'One Piece'. In addition, ANIBOX has broadcasted 'Starcraft II' game leauge since 2011 being positioned as a new entertainment channel both for youths and adults that provides abundant contents with various genres including animations.

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    CHAMP accompanies you to the heaven for healthy animation, useful animation and high-quality animation.

    Champ is a TV channel for animations and cartoons targeting children from 4 to 12, and is specialized in family-friendly animations for the whole family. Champ exclusively provides the latest and big hit Japanese animations by simulcasting, and various animation movies and OVAs. Through the animation block 'Mom & Kids', which can be enjoyed by both mothers and chilren alike, CHAMP provides appropriate and healthy animations.

    CHAMP Vision Co., Ltd., the champion of animation channels

    Since it was established in 2005, Champ has been the best animation channel ever where the whole family can enjoy together. Champ always put children and family in the first place. Champ tries to stimulate the imagination and to help children have proper thinking by presenting various instructive and entertaining shows including Gon, Paboo & Mojies, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-Chan, Yu-Gi-Oh and so forth. Champ also provides animations with special effects such as Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Ultra Man to be differentiated from other channels. As a family-oriented TV channel, Champ wishes to build a paradise of animation for the family.

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If you are curious about Japanese culture, join Channel J, Korea's first and and best specialized channel for Japanese culture.

Daewon Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a program provider operating Channel J, which is specialized in Japanese culture, and this service is provided through Cable TV, Satellite broadcasting, and IPTV.
We deliver not only the most recent Japanese soap operas but also popular Japanese entertainment shows, historical dramas, documentaries, and cultural programs that are not easy to watch in Korea. Daewon Entertainment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan, along with introducing the Japanese culture in Korea.


'Color of Japan' CHANNEL J

You will understand Japan watching 'Color of Japan' Channel J.
Established in April 2006, Channel J is the first and best TV channel in Korea specialized in Japanese culture and the contents are provided through cable TV, satellite broadcasting, and IPTV.
Channel J introduces the uniqueness of Japanese cultures to Korean audience, providing various contents including famous NHK drama series (e.g. Death Note, Kodoku No Gurume, etc), the most popular entertainment shows (e.g. To the End of the World Q! ), and informative travel shows (e.g. Hello, Japan and Wonderful Trip to Japan). Channel J is without doubt the first and best TV channel to get a taste of Japanese cultures.

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We provide fun and precious content experiences to bring happiness to the world.

Story ZAK Co., Ltd. is a studio established in 2020 with the aim of creating the best stories into webtoons.


Story ZAK Co., Ltd. is not only producing webtoons but also discovering and distributing web novels on its own to find the best stories. It also established Sherpa Studio in Japan in collaboration with Kakao Piccoma as a part of the expansion to the global market, entrance into the Japanese webtoon market and is investing in the commercialization of new technology for efficient webtoon production.
Based on this new attempt and investment, we will try our best to provide fun and precious content experiences to our readers.

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Studio Muzik Co., Ltd.

Studio Muzik Co., Ltd. is a character & illustration design company that is successfully launching and operating 'Muzik Tiger', a tiger character brand, and is striving to diversify related businesses. Our mission is to spread K-characters and K-contents through empathy-based storytelling.

Muzik Tiger

We have focused on the tiger's habits of the cat family and created the unique character of Muzik Tiger with a lovely, but the goofy appearance that has not been highlighted in the past. 'Ddungrangi (Fat Tiger)' is our representative character that shows the own image and interests of people living here in the modern times.
- [Muzik ; unemployed in Korean] Pursuing a free life of pursuing one's desired work, away from conventional workplaces. We support and cheer all Muziks regardless of whether they are voluntarily unemployed or by circumstances because we are Muzik, music, and unbeatable.
- [Tiger ; TIGER] Tigers have been associated with various aspects since ancient times and has been thought of as a patron saint, the people and nobleman and considered as beings that represent us in both the past and the present.

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Haksan Publishing creates everything a comic is dreaming of

The laughter of children, the hope of youth, and the courage of adolescence are all the images that the world of comics aims to contain. Haksan Publishing opens all the doors to the world of comics from publishing to character development, digital, and videos.
Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd. will never cease to make everyone's dream come true and continue taking bold steps.


Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd., the company leading the future of publishing

Haksan Publishing took its first step into the Korean comic market based on young planning capability and a challenging spirit in 1995. Today, it is now the top company that leads the Korean cartoon industry through 'Chance', a magazine for boys, 'Comic Party', a romance comic magazine, and 'Booking', a youth comic magazine.
These magazines are being recognized for their competitiveness not only in Korea but also abroad by breathing with the emotions of readers and various works created. Haksan Publishing is taking a new leap while pursuing diversity in content such as pure creative children's publishing, genre literature, character business, digital development, and linkage of multimedia beyond published comics.
Now, Haksan Publishing will show continue achieving its dream and competencies as a comprehensive publishing company based on the trust and encouragement of its readers.

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