Our Culture인재상

  • An honest talent

    Honesty is the top priority value.

  • A talent with passion

    The driving force for Daewon Media for the past 40 years is never-ceasing passion.

  • An achieving talent

    An achievement made based on honesty and passion is the ideal that Daewon Media pursues.

Our Businesses조직도

  • General Affairs Department

    HR and General Affairs, Finance and Accounting, Strategic Planning, Legal Affairs, IR/PR, IT, Marketing Communication, Web Platform Operation, Purchasing Team, Logistics Center

  • Business Departments

    Licensing business, film exhibition business, Ghibli business, TCG business, Nintendo business, hobby toy business, F&B business, Digital game business, Armored Saurus business, Chinese business, Animate/Animate Cafe business, Disney & Marvel business

  • Development Department

    Animation planning,Merchandising, Design R&D


  • HR and General Affairs

    The team tries its best to place excellent talents in the right place, plans and provides in-house human and material services, and operates a welfare system.

  • Finance and Accounting

    The team is responsible for preparing financial statements, establishing the company’s accounting policies, and reporting and paying taxes such as corporate tax, value-added tax, and individual consumption tax.

  • Strategic Planning

    The team is responsible for planning various new businesses and projects including the company-wide mission and vision, the establishment of mid- to long-term strategy, annual business plan, goal – performance management, process innovation, and company-wide organizational design/change.

  • Legal Affairs

    The team manages intellectual property rights owned by the company and reviews the legal feasibility of various businesses and contracts. In the event of a lawsuit or dispute, the department takes legal action to minimize the legal risks risks of the company.

  • IR/PR

    The team performs media-related tasks such as responding to the press, writing and distributing press releases in addition to listing-related tasks such as information disclosure and disclosure for investors.

  • IT

    The team is responsible for overall IT management tasks such as information security, server/network and software while operating in-house ERP and groupware as well as development, maintenance, and repair of computing systems.

  • Marketing Communication

    The team communicates with consumers in various ways about IP/contents/products through the execution of different marketing strategies in line with the rapidly changing IP market trends.

  • Web Platform Operation

    The team is responsible for overall web service planning/design/production/advertising support, product operation, planning, customer management, and web advertisement planning for the e-commerce operation of Daewon Shop, a mall directly managed by the head office.

  • Purchasing Team

    The team is responsible for all purchasing processes from sourcing, ordering and warehousing of domestic and overseas products as well as overall management of company-wide import and export risk (checking requirements for purchase history, clearing import customs clearance-certification, import cost management).

  • Logistics Center

    The team manages the movement of products that are sold and serviced by our company through logistics service.

Hiring Process채용전형

  • 01

    Resume Screening

  • 02

    First Interview with working group

  • 03

    Second Interview with Executives

  • 04

    Final Offer


  • Flexible Work Hours

    We adopt a flexible work hour system that allows employees to set their own working hours so that they can concentrate better and are allowed to choose to come to the office between 8:00 and 10:00 A.M, and leave work accordingly.

  • Optional welfare point

    Welfare points worth KRW 700,000 are provided annually for self-development and spending precious time with family.

  • Maternity/Parental Leave

    Employees who are pregnant or have given birth can safely use maternity leave and parental leave.

  • External Education Opportunities

    Full support provided for participation in education required for work, such as open education by external institutions, conferences, and seminars etc..

  • Support for In-company Club Operations

    The company supports about 10 clubs to promote healthy hobbies and strengthen ties among employees, and subsidies are provided for club activities

  • Gifts for family event / holidays / anniversary (birthday)

    The company provides support for marriage, childbirth, parents' 60th birthday, 70th birthday, holiday gifts/homecoming expenses, and a gift worth 100,000 won to commemorate the birthday that comes around once a year. The company also shows its condolences by providing funeral supplies through the Mutual Aid Society of the Deceased.

  • Comprehensive Health Checkup

    The company provides comprehensive health checkup for the employee and one additional family member once every two years for the health of our employees.

  • Long Service Award

    The company provides souvenirs, rewards, and special vacations to employees who have been with Daewon for 10 or 20 years of growth.

  • Family Day (3nd Friday of every month)

    We designate and operate a 'Family Day' so that employees can spend more time with their family on the 3nd Friday of every month to establish and spread the culture and value of work-life balance.