Mission Statement

We deliver fun to the world and make our customers happy.
We always do our best to make our customers merrier and happier.

A New Definition
for the Essence of Business

Daewon Media is seeking answers to the questions of 'how to secure certain content' and 'how to provide secured content' to maximize the love and satisfaction of customers by effectively providing excellent content.

The Best Experience
for Our Customers

The company strives to increase both the 'quality and quantity' of happiness in our customers' lives with the feeling that everything is filled in our reality through storytelling and a five-sense experience.

Continuous Communication
with Customers

The company tries its best to provide more fun, more enjoyable, and happier values by finding inspiration for the business and content through constant communication with customers.

Vision Statement

Sharing Fun & Joy with the world

  • Sharing


    The amusement of the content and the values created by Daewon Media will continuously be shared with our customers and partners.

  • Fun & Joy

    Fun & Joy

    Daewon Media tries to help customers feel pleasure and happiness in all journeys to values.

  • World


    Discovery and commercialization of IP, contents, and characters are made in both ways in both Korea and abroad.

Vision Diagram

Vision Diagram

    We provide fun to the world to make our customers happy. We always try our best to bring joy and happiness to our customers.


    Sharing Fun & Joy with the world


    Honesty   |   Achievement   |   Challenge   |   Passion   |   Creativity

  • Slogan

    Make everything you imagine into a reality

  • Value

    With Companion
    For Customer
    By our Core value
    In Challenge

    We solidify mutual-trust-based partnerships and the relationships within our group.
    We deliver the best fun and satisfaction most effectively.
    We always conduct our business and duties based on our core values.
    We pursue digital transformation that fit the trends along with our global business that intertwines between Inbound and Outbound.